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    I shouldn’t have laughed

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    From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe.

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  4. the walking dead meme: characters [1/20] - Morgan Jones

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  5. → Breaking Bad + friendship

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  6. list of my favorite actors & actresses » Steve Buscemi

    "My favorite review described me as the cinematic equivalent of junk mail. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like a dig."

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  12. #Snacks #for #thewalkingdead #marathon #later #hehe #muchtag

  14. JESS & RICKY #02

    The second instalment in the long running whenever-the-hell-I-damn-want irregular series I make for my Fiancé featuring her and our neighbours cat called Smudge (but we call him Ricky)

    This one was made in response to Jess discovering Game of Thrones and binge watching all three series.

    Fun fact: this is the first comic i’ve made ENTIRELY digitally. Not even a rough draft was scanned. Start to finish in Photoshop. Such fun.

  15. JESS & RICKY #01

    This is a short comic I made for my girlfriend last year. It’s her an the neighbours cat (whom we love much more). It’s a silly little story full of drama and comedy, and the first in a long running series for whenever we have a special occasion I need a present for her for…